DIY Cupcakes Toppers

Do you often find yourself eyeing cupcake toppers on Google or Pinterest? If you think that it is a really difficult task to make those toppers yourself then this article is going to change your mind. To be honest, cupcake toppers are very easy to make and do not cost much. If you really want to add your personalized touch to any birthday party or special event, you just need to show some patience and give way to your artistic side.

Nowadays you get a lot of toppers options online, you might as well come across a website where you can easily customize your toppers. Trust me making topper is a ton of fun. This article includes steps which you need to follow for the perfect cupcake topper.

Step 1 – Find

To start with your DIY cupcake toppers, you need to do some research. Find some printable cupcake toppers online. You get a lot of variety for all occasions. You just need to choose according to your celebration.

Step 2 – Print

Once your selection is done, its time to get your template printed on cardstock. It is easier to cut and durable as well.

Step 3- Trim

Once you are done printing your toppers, it is time to trim the edges of the cardboard so that when you punch out your toppers, they come out flawless.

Step 4 – Punch

Now you are all set to punch your toppers. You can easily find punching machine to get your job done faster. However, while buying this machine, make sure that the handle is appropriately long and it is better for easy squeezing. The best part of using is a punching machine is that you do not need to limit yourself to circles. You can opt for squares and other shapes as well.

Step 5 – Stick

It is now time to attach your lollipop stick! You can find these sticks in any nearby store in the bakery department. They normally come in two lengths, you can choose according to your preference. You need to stick your glue to ½ of your stick at the back of your topper just to make sure that it will last till the end of your function.

Step 6 – You are now all set

Now that you have all your toppers ready, you can get going and bake your favorite cupcakes. You can also insert the toppers in your flower decoration, cake or dinner tables. Now, you can indulge yourself into making your own cupcake toppers.

Celebrate Halloween at Work

You might not be 7 years old anymore but trick-or-treating still seems to be a fun tradition! You can still celebrate Halloween in your office as it is considered to be one of the best holiday tradition to be celebrated at work. Over the years, Halloween parties have gained popularity among employees. It is believed that celebrating Halloween at work awakens the child within everyone and creates a motivational team spirit. Since it is not considered as part of a day-to-day work agenda, Halloween celebrations at work should be a voluntary event.

How to celebrate Halloween at work?

The first step towards a successful Halloween party is to have a small committee amongst employees to make sure that very planning goes according to everyone’s liking. It would be fun if everyone gives out their ideas. Suggestions should always be welcomed. If you are planning to execute this tradition yearly, it would be wise to put up a planning committee and rotating the members. That way, no one will feel alienated and everyone gets a chance to participate in the planning. When different departments take the planning responsibility, that will give birth to new ideas.

Celebration Ideas for Halloween at work

Spark your creative mind and open yourselves to the world of possibilities by planning the most unique Halloween party at work.

Costume Parade:

No Halloween party is complete without a costume. A costume parade is a must during Halloween celebration. Keep the event simple by encouraging people to enlighten their creative mind and come to work with their costumes. You can as well keep a prize for the best costume. It will encourage people to participate in celebrations. Staff voting will be a plus as people who are not participating will get a chance to be part of the event and have their share of fun. You can divide the awards into the scariest costume, the sophisticated one, creative one and so on. Give out participation certificates for those who made an effort to dress up but could not win an award.

Halloween Lunch or Breakfast:

You can offer cider and doughnuts as they are popular Halloween breakfast treats. Nowadays you can find a lot of Halloween themed food art on the internet. If you are into cooking or baking, it is the perfect occasion to show off your talents. Bring out the pumpkin pies decorated as a monster or some apple muffins. As for lunch, you can get your takeaways decorated in orange and green foil papers. You can as well opt for some pizzas. Make sure that all the employees are seated together and enjoying the party. Keep your eerie music playlist handy.

Halloween Decorations:

Encourage all departments to take part in a decorating competition. That way, all the members of that department will work together to decorate their area. Give out prizes for the best-decorated area in the office.

Trick or Treating:

Tell your employees to go cubicle to cubicle to share their treats as well. Give each of your employees a bag of treats to add to the fun. If your company budget allows it, you can as well get your company logo printed on the bags so the employees can keep it as a memory of a fun activity.

Hold a costume party for the children of your staff to reinforce family bonds. Arrange for some fun activities which can serve as employee’s team building and staff motivation session. It creates a great bonding between employers and their staff. A good idea of celebrating Halloween is to invite children with special needs for a trick and treat session.

Plan philanthropic activities for employees:

Halloween is a great opportunity to share some joy with the unfortunate. Invite your volunteers to visit a senior care center with their costumes and a lot of treats. You can also visit an orphanage and share the Halloween joy with the less fortunate kids. Imagine the smile on their faces to be celebrating Halloween for the first time maybe. Collect clothes or food to give charity to the local church or food banks is also a good option. You can prepare some food and share with the elderly as well.

Organize a pumpkin carving contests and other games: Since pumpkins are essential for a successful Halloween party, invite your staff to flaunt their artistic side by organizing a pumpkin carving competition. You can encourage staff to bring their kids to add to the fun. Bring out the old Halloween traditions by organizing bobbing for apples.

Most importantly make sure to run all your ideas through your boss first before diving into the preparations. Do not force any of your colleagues to participate, if they only want to participate in the planning process, so be it. It is festival time and everyone deserves a break!