How to Install Your Blinds
How to Install Your Blinds   Summary What are the characteristics of the voile blinds? Which fabric to choose for a voile blind? How to install a voile blind? Your windows need a light covering to filter the outside glances without obscuring the light. You don’t like classic curtains and want originality to decorate your… (0 comment)

How Wide Should My Awning Be
How Wide Should My Awning Be Awning dimensions: – Criteria to take into account – What to measure? The simplest solution: have a blind fitter come to your home to assess your needs. Awning dimensions: criteria to take into account Elements to take into account. Choosing the right awning also means selecting the correct dimensions.… (0 comment)

How to Choose Your Pergola Awning
Contents  – Pergola awning: removable for all-weather  – Choosing a pergola awning: dimensions, fabric and mechanism  – Installation of a pergola awning: no compulsory step  A pergola can be leaned against a wall or self-supporting but also removable. This is the case with the folding arbour, the awning for the caravan or the pergola blind.… (2 comments)