Cooking – the joy is just beyond words


Factors determining what you are going to cook tonight

The meal you are going to cook tonight is determined by what you have experienced during the day. It pertains mainly to your mood, environment, taste and liking. A peaceful and joyous mood will encourage you to eat some delicious meal. It also depends on the proximity of the food and of course, some good cooking skills and organization in your kitchen.

Instances that will determine your choice of dish

Cooking is nourishment, happiness and the feeling of being loved. It depends on your way of life and food consciousness. Let’s picture it – you had a good conversation on game meat with your colleague at work. Since that particular moment, your taste buds have been sending signals to your neurons. On your way back home, you pass through a park where you can smell the freshness of the woods. By now it is obvious, you have decided you are going to eat something from the woods, game meat for dinner! You are in the mood to cook tonight.

Uniting the mood and the charm

The condiments you are using to cook is spreading a typical mouthwatering aroma all over the house. Your spouse is also helping you in the kitchen and the cooking experience is bringing you both closer. Words just cannot describe the magic of the moment.

Healthy food at home

The food you crave often depends on the season. Home cooking has many benefits. It gives you the opportunity to cook healthy balanced diet meals. For example, you can choose to eat organic food because you firmly believe that organic food is better for your health. It also helps you contribute in encouraging organic farming.

Cooking is one of life’s great pleasures

You have to use your creativity to prepare any dish. You need to dirty your hands, make things happen. You want a well-garnished platter. The end product is worth the time, energy and patience. Finally, once you’ve done the cooking and sit at the table together with your family and eat the food, the satisfaction you experience is a well-merit one! You know you have worked hard for that. Life is compensating your effort. When you get into that trance, the joy is so immense. You feel in harmony with the universe.

What are you waiting for, get cooking!

Aspects of cooking

Cooking is in the ADN of each cook

Each dish has its own unique flavour, which depends on the cook. What makes a good chef in a 5-star restaurant depends on the chef’s feelings during the day, the selection of ingredients, the cutting of the meat, chopping of the vegetables, presentation of the dish and the right dosage of seasoning.

Cooking involves team spirit

Cooking in a team requires good team spirit for it to be successful. It has the power to unite people as it involves communication and helping each other. Cooking is often a team building activity in many businesses. At the same time cooking is a sharing of knowledge, with each individual having their own skills and preferences in either European, Oriental, Australian, Modern Asian, South American, North American, African and even Traditional cooking.

The art of seasoning

Seasoning is the right balance of sweetness and sourness or acidity in the food. Some people know how to harmonize sweet, sour, salt, and bitter flavours. Salt enhances sweetness and suppresses bitterness while uplifting the taste of the food. For example, when you are using hot chilli, you will need to add more sour and salty ingredients, but of course, it all depends on your personal liking. Most people learn how to cook from printed recipes. However, only experience can teach you how to fix the dosage of ingredients despite some cooks are naturally gifted with that quality.

The freshness of your ingredients

Fresh veggies and fresh meat or fish defines the quality of your meal. I remember eating The catch of the day, which was prepared by the chef at Restaurant La Plage in a five-star hotel, So Sofitel Bel Ombre, Mauritius. It was such an exquisite experience. My palate has never tasted something so good. The fish had a saline taste from the sea, the flavor was typical from the coast. It was a mixture of all the smell from the surrounding area. The preparation, the texture and quality of the food was a class above. I suddenly felt I was already in paradise!

Cooking is a passion

After all, cooking is a passion which liberates our own creativity. It is a manipulation of different kinds of ingredients. It is a blend of the love, patience and effort put into action. Nowadays, most hotels offer cooking classes to their guests, which is a nice way for them to experience the local culture and food.

Cooking can be a really enjoyable experience. Try it!