The Benefits of Moving Your Catering Business Online
2020 saw the ushering in of online food ordering as standard practice, due to the global health crisis. For catering businesses, online ordering has taken on crucial importance for their survival. Online ordering gives your customers a convenient way of engaging with your business, improving sales, and enhancing customer experience. This approach accommodates anyone who… (1 comment)

Often the idea of setting up a catering business stems from the love we have for preparing food for others. One of the major benefits of starting your own business is the freedom that comes with being self-employed. Make a business plan A business plan is essential to determine strategic steps to take towards a… (0 comment)

Budget Wedding Tips – Top 10 Tips for Selecting Your Caterer
Unfortunately, there are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to choosing a caterer. Some are issues related to the quality of the caterer, others are simple misunderstandings. Through proper planning and attention to detail, most negative issues can be avoided. The following ten tips will go a long way in helping you secure a top-quality… (0 comment)