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Top 4 Innovative Ways To Use Social Media For Marketing

Top 4 Innovative Ways To Use Social Media For Marketing
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Marketing as we know it now has changed over the last 10 years, and part of this is because of the advent of technology and social media. And there is no sign that this is slowing down any time soon, which is why marketers are constantly adapting to new technologies. These platforms allow their users, private or professional, to create pages in their name and share information, photos, and videos with their community.

Now more than ever, marketers are using social media platforms and influences as tools for digital marketing. Each platform has its specificity, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and Snapchat. So, without further ado, let’s dive further into this blog and learn why you should use social media platforms as digital marketing devices.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing (SMM for short) is using the arenas of online social media networks to build relationships with customers and keep them happy by creating and distributing content. This content can range from status updates to sharing articles to video advertisements. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms (commonly referred to as “the big three”). However, several social media platforms are better suited for professional purposes (more on that later).

Ultimately, social media marketing aims to generate business- and social media has proven useful in this regard. One look at Facebook is enough to make this clear. In less than ten years since its launch, global Facebook users have grown to around 2 billion. That’s more than 20% of the world’s population. That’s more than any other country on Earth (China’s population is 1.42 billion, for comparison). All right, you get the picture.

1. Choose the right platforms

Because different target groups use various social media platforms, launching social media marketing programs on all social channels is not ideal, at least at first. Marketers should start with a few social media channels that they are familiar with. Some of the most important platforms for businesses include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But others, like Pinterest and YouTube, also have their place in advertising or promoting offers. Each platform has its place in the market and its use cases.

Twitter, for example, is a great place to share thinkers and get real-time information, but it limits contributions to 280 characters. LinkedIn is the home of all business people, so it’s an excellent place to address decision-makers. Facebook and Instagram are great for visual storytelling with images, videos, and reels, as well as live streams. After building a follower base and scaling their business on specific social channels, companies can consider expanding into new territories.

2. Use images to tell a story


Instagram and Facebook have built-in features to create videos without expensive production equipment. However, these tools should be used with caution. Marketers must ensure that videos posted on a business page are of professional quality. While text posts are an excellent way to share information, images and videos increase engagement.

Many graphic design tools help create high-quality images for social media. It’s always helpful to have a creative eye, but tools like Canva and Visme make it easy to create appropriately sized images for social platforms.

3. Monitor trends

Marketers need to keep up with trends in an ever-changing social media landscape. Each social media platform optimizes the presentation of its content and frequently changes posting algorithms and rules. By keeping up with these changes, you can present your content to users using the right tactics.

In addition to the technological aspect of changing social media trends, there are also content trends. TikTok is now defining many trends marketers, and advertisers use to be more relevant and connect with the audience. Other trends include:

  • Advertising
  • Augmented reality
  • Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels
  • Live video content
  • Messaging apps to communicate with customers

4. Develop or adapt a content strategy


The content that businesses post on social media should be carefully thought out. Marketers shouldn’t just post something for the sake of posting something. Social media is a channel through which brands can spread their messages. When a prospect or customer receives similar messages and promotions via different channels, it’s a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Creating relevant and timely messages is always a good idea, but companies must ensure that content published on other channels can be reused for social media. Companies should promote a new blog on social media multiple times when a new blog is published. Marketers should run advertising content at different times over several weeks to get the most out of it. 

The same goes for new offers and reserved content. When a new promotion launches, marketers should share that content. And when a new webinar is scheduled, or a white paper is published, companies should launch a multi-week advertising campaign to get the attention of more people.

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