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Towards a Positive 2021

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If 2020 has taught us anything, life can be unpredictable, and that we should not take anything for granted. Sure, the high streets and many businesses were struggling before the coronavirus broke out, but those challenges could not have prepared us for this year and the global pandemic.

A positive outlook for 2021 means being open to new ideas, suggestions, and ways of doing business.

Many companies have adapted well and shifted to working more online, learning to keep in touch with customers, suppliers, and colleagues in ways that are not face-to-face while successfully supporting and maintaining those relationships. From buying and selling to exchanging advice and enjoying friendly contact, online has become a meaningful way to communicate. And it will undoubtedly continue to be so in 2021.

While we have reflected and adjusted our priorities, we also know that it is still essential to set goals that stretch us, motivating us to grow and develop. But for us to be fully engaged, those goals must mean something to us and not merely follow someone else’s plan. Consider bringing someone on board who will hold you accountable for your progress, who might provide you with skills you could use, acknowledging each stage of your success and encouraging you to appreciate those results.

On a personal level, many of us have dealt with isolation, loneliness, and having much of life on the back burner in 2020. We may have been inspired to try viable, exciting options to care for and support ourselves, become more creative, interested in spending time in nature. Finding effective ways to be healthy and take care of ourselves, nurture our relationships, acquire new skills and be more adaptable has been a valuable lesson learned in 2020.

Moving positively into 2021 means continuing to integrate these lessons learned, which includes appreciating the importance of our relationships and having our own “team. The new year is all about strengthening and enjoying the different ways we can connect and stay connected. Let’s continue to support the vulnerable in our family and local community and be mindful of those who may need extra help and support.

Don’t forget your relationships. In the new year, make sure you remember to make regular time for meaningful relationships in your life. Making time for date nights, quiz nights, game nights, walks, and get-togethers show that you care about your relationships and are willing to make time to enjoy them.

What about perspective? Many of us have discovered a more grounded, balanced view in the past year. As we have become more reflective and adjusted our priorities, let’s strive to continue that approach in 2021. Now that we’ve seen so much turmoil and uncertainty globally, why not take a look at those typical daily irritations and worries and ask ourselves if we should be stressed or distressed about them, all on the way to a positive 2021.

The worldview during 2020 brought a different focus to many of our worlds and highlighted how much time we usually spent fretting and worrying about things that have little or no real meaning. Instead of fretting, ask yourself if you need to quickly address an issue, if it’s worth the emotional investment or if it’s healthier to walk away from it and let it go.

Time for yourself has become especially important lately. It is a crucial part of self-care and mental well-being. Yes, getting caught up in a routine job, driving somewhere, or swooning away during a boring meeting can put you in a trance and mentally drain you for a while, but that’s not the same as taking personal time.

Setting aside time to focus on your interests, pursue your hobbies, and regularly spend some time with friends or family are all critical investments. Be determined to have some “me time” for yourself, and remember that if you had made an appointment with an important client or advisor, you would certainly keep that appointment. Scheduling time for yourself is also a high priority!

Ensure a positive 2021 while being determined to hold on to the benefits and lessons you gained in 2020; the flexible approach to work and business, the commitment to self-care, healthy eating, the importance of good sleep, tuning into your moods so you can take better care of yourself. Making time for yourself is essential. Yes, there is always another task, something else that could be done, but if you decide to take good care of yourself, you will soon discover how every area of your life, business, and relationships improves.

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