How Can China Build a Hospital So Quickly?
Dateline: Jun. 19, 2021, Hindustan Times, Changsha, China: “A 10-storey residential building in China’s Changsha city was just built in 28 hours and 45 minutes.” “This living building is endowed with high quality materials and craft work and features an ultra-low energy consumption and failure rate, which makes it ten times lighter and stronger than… (0 comment)

Have you ever heard of brandjacking, specifically its manifestations, on search engines? If your answer is no, believe me, you are probably not the only one. Several hundred million dollars are diverted from search budgets each year in the United States without brands being truly aware of this phenomenon. In the United States, advertisers and… (0 comment)

The Various Schemes Offered to SMEs in Mauritius (Small and Medium Enterprises)
Many Mauritian institutions offer facilities to promote the creation and expansion of small and medium enterprises, also known as SMEs. This is because the Covid-19 pandemic has completely crippled the country’s economy. The Mauritian government also offers many schemes to foreign investors in an attempt to relaunch the economy and create new job opportunities for… (0 comment)

Focus On Screen Printing
Screen printing is a printing process used to reproduce graphics on a medium. This can be paper, fabric, or canvas. Although screen printing has already been used for millennia, this process has undergone a large-scale advance, thanks to the evolution of technology. Indeed, screen printing is widely used in communication (signs, banners, displays, etc.). However,… (0 comment)

Top 5 Things To Know About Rope Access
Rope access is considered one of the most effective methods of performing a wide variety of jobs, from building maintenance to railroad bridge inspections. However, since this is a highly skilled trade with potential risks, it is necessary for us to use certain techniques to ensure that the work is done safely and that all… (1 comment)