8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Venue

There is a reason why choosing a wedding venue is so difficult and why it’s at the top of every couple’s to-do list. The thing with wedding venues is that they dictate every aspect of the wedding – from the number of guests to the theme and the color, the venue is the key to a picture-perfect wedding.

Which is why you can’t rush it. No matter how crucial it is to cross off that item from your list as fast as possible, you don’t want to cross it off just for the sake of moving to the next task. It’s great having one less thing to do, but with the whole wedding resting on that one specific detail, you want to take as much time as required to find the venue that’s perfect for you. You want the most important day of your life to go without hitch, and from a design standpoint finding the place where you will say your vows is one the first step to that. So, we’ve put together a list of common wedding venue mistakes that you want to avoid making.

Mistake # 1: Failing to Make an Appointment

Are you thinking it’s too obvious of a mistake? Well, you’ll be surprised to know how many couples show up a venue without making an appointment beforehand! If you want to take a tour of the venue, ask questions or ask for advice, you will probably have to talk to the wedding salesperson. And most of the time, you’ll need to make an appointment to be able to see them.

Mistake # 2: Not Taking into Consideration the Limitations of the Area

There’s one thing most future brides have in common: perusing Pinterest for ideas. The problem with that? Unattainable expectations. No matter how great weddings at the beach may seem, you need to take into consideration the region where you live and your budget. Planning for your wedding must go the other way around: see the types of venues that are available to you, THEN start planning your dream wedding[VP1] .

Mistake # 3: Not Considering the Design of the Venue

Choosing a wedding venue means taking into consideration the distinct design aesthetic it has. The design will help you choose your color palette and the overall theme you want to go for. You will have to make sure the style you choose complements the design aesthetic of the venue and does not clash with it. If the venue you have your heart set on won’t look good with the theme you have in mind, then you’ll have to make a decision: find another venue or change your theme.

Mistake # 4: Creating the Guest List Only After Having Booked the Venue

Think you can wait until then to create your wedding list? Then, unfortunately, you think wrong. While you can wait until you’ve booked to finalize that list, you must at the very least start it before even starting to look for venues. We are pretty sure you don’t want people crammed at your wedding! So having at least a rough estimate will help you find a venue that can comfortably accommodate your guests.

Mistake # 5: Not Respecting Your Budget

This one of the most common mistakes couples makes when planning their wedding. It’s really easy to go above board with the venue. Not only because you think you won’t find a better venue (if you plan well ahead, you most likely will find something that suits both your budget and theme), but also because you don’t realize all the logistics necessary for the wedding. This includes service fees, taxes, gratuity and the food, and beverage minimum if the venue offers catering.

Mistake # 6: Neglecting to Pay Attention to the Fine Prints

Think you’ve taken int consideration everything? Thought about the services fees and taxes? That’s great! But, unfortunately, there might be more. Other add-ons that can really mess up  your whole budget. These budget-busters include things like appetizers, dance floor, chair covers, corkage fees, parking space, etc. Remember to ask the wedding salesperson if these are included in the fees you are paying or not.

Mistake # 7: Not Checking the Accessibility of nearby

This is one thing you can’t neglect to do. Guests who travel from out of state or out of town will need a place to stay at and you need to ensure that you consider that if you really want them to attend.

Mistake # 8: Not Having Weather Backup Plan

Most often than not, if you have a weather backup plan, then it won’t pour. But if you don’t have a plan in place in the event that it rains, then it most probably will. Murphy’s law, right? So, even if it might cost you a bit more, better be safe than ruin that important day: put deposit down for tents, heaters or fans, and/or umbrellas.