The Art of Screenwriting – Part 6
I’ve already written five articles on the skills required for screenwriting and today, this sixth and last one focuses on another essential element that is required from all screenwriters. The Skills of a Screenwriter Scripting Effective Scenes “You always attack a movie scene as late as you possibly can. You always come into the scene… (0 comment)

The Art of Screenwriting – Part 4
“The goal of all feature films, TV movies, episodic series, short fictional films, documentaries, daytime soaps, commercials, news, sport and weather is to create an emotional response in the audience.” – William K. Coe Come on, we all know that Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-won are the reasons behind Parasite winning the best original screenplay… (0 comment)

The Art of Screenwriting – Part 2
A good film always touches many people and makes an impact on the film industry. However, this desired effect depends on the script and the screenwriter. The story and how a film is told must elicit a strong emotional response from the audience, from love to hate, from passion to fear or excitement. As a… (0 comment)