How Are Die-Cast Items Created
Aluminium, an exceptional material Easily malleable, aluminium is used in a multitude of products and applications that take advantage of its unequalled characteristics of lightness and durability. A green material par excellence – aluminium can be recycled ad infinitum – it is the obvious choice for clients who are concerned about the environment and sustainable… (0 comment)

A Guide to Die-Casting Technology
A Guide to Die-Casting Technology  Die-casting allows the production of near-net-shape parts in large series at relatively low costs and benefits from a high degree of automation of the production sites. It is dedicated to transforming parts made of non-ferrous alloys (aluminium, zinc, copper, magnesium, etc.) for various markets (automotive, household appliances, construction, etc.). The… (0 comment)

What is Die Casting? (Part 1)
Summary: Introduction 1. Traditional Die Casting 2. Vacuum die casting – Alloys for die-casting – Alliance Connect (offering the die casting process) 3. Semi-solid die casting Introduction The low melting point of aluminium allows the use of a permanent mould, made of steel, to make castings. In die-casting, an injection piston pushes the liquid aluminium… (3 comments)