An Examination of the Magic Bullet Theory (Part 2)
As you have already discovered in the previous article, the magic bullet theory, also known as the hypodermic needle or direct effects model, has brought a major contribution to the evolution of the communication process in the contemporary society. Today, this theory is still being reviewed by students and communication theorists. Historical Context The magic… (0 comment)

An Introduction to PR Audits
A communication audit can be defined as a complete assessment of an organization’s capacity to transmit, receive, and exchange information with various internal audiences as well as significant external constituencies such as customers and investors. A communication audit is performed to evaluate an organization’s external or internal communication effectiveness. So, now let’s discover more about… (0 comment)

Documentum Overview Initially developed for Boeing, the Documentum system is a software that makes storing, maintaining and organizing a massive amount of information into a common repository easy. Not only is the software perfect for converting paper-based documents into application-ready files, it also makes managing content from other applications (ranging from ERP to portals) from… (0 comment)