5 Reasons to Choose a False Ceiling
5 Reasons to Choose a False Ceiling   False ceilings are back in the limelight and again the star of interior design magazines. Gone are the ceiling tiles of our schools or old office buildings! Today, the false ceiling is a fully-fledged element of the house. It insulates, decorates, conceals, and breaks up lines and… (0 comment)

The Techniques of False Ceiling Installation
The Techniques of False Ceiling Installation Contents – False ceiling installation: the necessary equipment – False ceiling installation in stages – False ceiling installation: techniques depending on the covering The false ceiling frees up a space (called the plenum) that often houses insulation and electrical cables. The false ceiling can be suspended or stretched. Installing… (1 comment)

How to Choose Insulation Under Tiles
Contents     – Acoustic insulation under tiles     – Thermal insulation under tiles Preparing the substrate is an essential step before tiling. So why not take advantage of this to insulate or re-insulate under the tiles? Tile has no insulating properties in its natural state, so other materials must be added to insulate a tiled… (3 comments)