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5 Best Refrigerator Freezers to Choose From

5 Best Refrigerator Freezers to Choose From
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5 Best Refrigerator Freezers to Choose From

The refrigerator freezer (or combined refrigerator) is an interesting option to keep fresh and freeze products. But choosing among all the appliances is not always easy. To help you, we have selected 5 fridge freezers according to their technical characteristics, quality/price ratio, and opinions from those who bought them. All you have to do is compare.

Comparison of the best freezers


Faure FRA22700WE

Candy CCTOS 502 WH

Whirlpool ARC 104/1/A+

Beko RCSA300K20W

Siemens KD33VVW30

Total capacity

232 L

97 L

121 L

291 L

300 L

Refrigerator capacity

214 L

84 L

106 L

204 L

230 L

Freezer capacity

18 L

13 L

15 L

87 L

70 L

Degree of freezing

4 Stars

4 Stars

4 Stars

4 Stars

4 Stars

Energy class






Dimensions (L x w x h)

55×61,2×125 cm

50×56×85 cm

58×55×85 cm

60×54×181,2 cm

65×60×176 cm

Best refrigerator freezers: the top 5


1. The everyday fridge freezer: Faure FRA22700WE

This combination refrigerator offers 214L of fridge space with “Z-box” storage, a convenient storage box for easy storage and access to your delicate foods. The transparent vegetable bins are also convenient for viewing their contents. As for the freezer, with a capacity of 18 L located on the top, it offers good performance in terms of temperature: it has 4 stars (the highest level of freezing). Another positive point is its A+ energy efficiency rating, which ensures limited electricity consumption.

The pluses

– Easy to clean glass shelves

– Z-box” storage space for easy access to delicate foods

– Space-saving model (L x W x H: 55 cm x 61.2 cm x 125 cm)

– 4-star freezer

The –

– Limited freezer capacity (18 L) to freeze a large quantity of food

The refrigerator freezer for small spaces:

2. Candy CCTOS 502 WH

This refrigerator freezer is a stylish model with a metal handle. It consists of an 84 L refrigerator (including a vegetable tray) and a 13 L freezer.  With 4 stars, it offers good freezing performance. The capacities of this product are therefore suitable for small households of up to 2 people. This model of combined refrigerator is classified A+. Finally, its compact dimensions (L x W x H = 50×56 x 85 cm) make it suitable for small spaces.

The pluses

– Easy to clean glass shelves

– LED lighting that offers a good quality of light

– 4-star freezer

– Model suitable for small spaces

The –

– Limited capacity for more than 2 people

The refrigerator freezer under the plan:

3. Whirlpool ARC 104/1/A+

This Whirlpool fridge freezer is a compact model suitable for small spaces and for people looking for a product to be installed under a worktop (85 cm high). On the other hand, these small dimensions make this model suitable for up to 2 people. This refrigerator-freezer has a total capacity of 121 L: 106 for the refrigerator and 15 for the freezer placed on top. The latter offers good performance in terms of temperature: 4 stars. It is also classified as A+. Finally, note that it has 2 transparent vegetable trays.

The pluses

– Easy to clean glass shelves

– 4-star freezer

– Fridge freezer that can be installed underneath and adapted to small spaces

The –

– Limited dimensions and capacity for more than 2 people

– Small capacity of the vegetable trays

The family fridge freezer:

4. Beko RCSA300K20W

This refrigerator freezer is a family model with a total capacity of 291 L. The refrigerator part has a capacity of 204 L and its freezer, located at the bottom, with a capacity of 87 L, displays 4 stars (i.e., the highest freezing level). There is also a crisper in the refrigerator. In addition, this model has Minfrost technology that makes defrosting the freezer easier. Although quite narrow (54 cm wide), this combination refrigerator measures over 1.80 m, so it must have a dedicated space.

The pluses

– Easy to clean glass shelves

– 4-star freezer

– Large capacity refrigerator and freezer

– Minfrost technology for easy defrosting

– Not very wide model (54 cm)

The –

– Important height (1.81 m)

The large capacity refrigerator freezer:

5. Siemens KD33VVW30

This refrigerator-freezer has a nice capacity of 300 L: 230 L for the refrigerator and 70 L for the freezer located on top. It is also rated 4 stars and equipped with the stirred cold, ensuring better food preservation. A significant plus: the “Low Frost” technology reduces the formation of frost. In terms of energy efficiency, this model is rated A++, so it is an extremely efficient model.

One point to consider: the 60 cm width of this model makes it a bulky appliance. Finally, this is the model with the highest price in this golocal-business selection, which is justified by the performance and characteristics of the product.

The pluses

– Easy to clean sliding glass shelves

– 4-star freezer

– Large capacity refrigerator and freezer

– Low Frost” technology that reduces frost formation

– Mixed refrigeration for better food preservation

– Energy efficiency (A++)

The –

– Large width (60 cm)

– High price, but in line with the performance and characteristics of the refrigerator freezer

Comparison of refrigerator-freezers: the criteria of choice

To choose a refrigerator freezer adapted to your needs, several elements must be taken into consideration at the time of purchase.

– The total capacity corresponds to the refrigerator freezer’s storage capacity. On average, refrigerator freezers have a volume of between 100 and 300 L. To estimate the necessary volume, take into account your consumption habits and the number of people in your household. Generally speaking, refrigerator-freezers with less than 250 L capacity are suitable for single people or couples, and those with a capacity of between 250 and 300 L are suitable for a household of three people. If there are more than three people in the household, refrigerator freezers of more than 300 L are to be preferred.

– Electricity consumption: as this appliance is permanently plugged in, choosing a refrigerator-freezer with low consumption is important. Choose a product with a minimum A+ rating to prevent it from consuming too much energy.

– Freezer location: models with a bottom-mounted freezer can freeze a larger quantity of food (capacity between 50 and 120 L). The storage of food is also generally more convenient thanks to the integrated drawers. On the other hand, appliances with a top freezer have a more limited storage capacity (from 30 to 85 L). Unlike the bottom freezer, the top freezer avoids bending down to find a dish or food in the freezer.

Advantages and disadvantages of refrigerator-freezers

A refrigerator-freezer is a combined model that includes 2 appliances that have become essential to daily life. In addition to this advantage, it allows to:

– store a satisfactory amount of fresh food;

– freeze dishes and food for a long time.

On the other hand, such a product has some disadvantages to be aware of

– For the same quality, its price is higher than a classic refrigerator.

– The capacity of the freezer is less important than that of a chest or cabinet freezer.

– They are more bulky models.

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