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Everything you need to know about wildfires

Everything you need to know about wildfires
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Wildfires are a real issue if you live in California or Australia; with the harsh heat of the summer, the small spark can cause a forest fire. Because of this, we need to be careful of what we are doing, especially during the dry season, and don’t do a gender reveal either; not only is it problematic, but it has also been the cause of wildfires in the past. With the rise of global warming and the rise in temperature, the climate is getting hotter and hotter. Thus forest fires, now more than ever, have been a real issue, and we need to protect mother Earth’s lungs from them.

What are wildfires?


A wildfire is an uncontrollable fire that burns in wildland vegetation which often occurs in rural areas. But this doesn’t mean they can’t happen in urban areas, and it can occur anywhere and can threaten agriculture, animals, homes, and humans. It is also commonly known as forest fires, but there is a semantic difference between the 2. They aren’t exactly weather conditions, but their formation depends heavily on the weather, hot and dry weather specifically. They are destructive and, most likely than not, uncontrollable fires that usually occur during the dry season and can only end with rain or if the wind picks up. They are not only deadly but also very difficult to manage and control; this is why they usually last for days and take tons of water to seize their march. The deadliness to both nature and human life alike of wildfires can’t be estimated, and they are a very common threat in the US and can occur in 38 out of the 50 states. However, the state most afflicted by wildfires is California.



Talking about wildfires is nice and all, but let’s get into statistics to learn more about them and learn the dimension of forest fires. In the United States, there has been an average annual of 71 300 wildfires, and these burnt on average 6.9 acres of forest; this study was conducted from 2000 to 2019. The biggest wildfire that burnt the most acres was in 1960 when 10.10 acres of forest land were burnt.

How to avoid wildfires?


If you are a smoker, do your due diligence and discard your used cigarette safely, especially during the dry season, as this will prevent any wildfires. Never throw a lit cigarette or match out the window of your car, especially in the woods and make sure these items are completely extinguished prior to throwing them out. And throw them in the proper receptacle. During the dry season, avoid using fires works because their sparks can ignite and start the subsequent big wildfires; let’s not have another El Dorado fire situation by having a gender reveal party during the dry season because sometimes we need to use our grey matter before doing something. If you are to light fireworks, then do so in a clear area with no wood nearby and check the local authorities and if there are any state legislation and restrictions when it comes to fireworks and the dry season. Always have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle to be able to put out any fire that may cause more significant issues like wildfires.

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