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Why Call on a Pet Poop Removal Service

Why Call on a Pet Poop Removal Service
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Dog waste on the public highway is a problem and the subject of many neighborhood disputes. They litter the pavements and green spaces and are unhygienic and unpleasant to look at. Fortunately, dog poop collectors are available!


1. Why pick up after your dog?

2. The principle of pooper scoops

Walking in the street is pleasant. Walking on a pavement full of dog excrement is a nightmare. Dog poop collectors are helpful and very easy to use and are designed to reduce this type of nuisance. But you have to agree to adopt this essential accessory.

Why pick up after your dog?

A civic gesture

Picking up after your dog is first and foremost a way of putting yourself in the shoes of all the people likely to walk in it or be bothered by its presence. As an inhabitant of a community and a citizen, everyone must take care of public places and places of passage. A street soiled with dog feces is not pleasant for anyone. In addition to the smell and the unpleasant visual aspect, walking in dog feces is dangerous.

Dog excrement legislation

Contrary to popular belief, dog waste is allowed on the street. Gutters are the only legal area in which your dog can relieve itself without having to pick it up. Please note that gutters in the middle of pedestrian areas are not affected. In all other public spaces and traffic areas, picking up is compulsory. Failure to comply with the legislation may result in a fine for the dog owner.

The principle of pooper scoops

Where can you find dog poop collectors?

Each municipality must provide its citizens with litter bins. These bins contain small watertight plastic bags that serve as poop traps. Unfortunately, many containers are empty because they are not checked or because some dog owners stock up on bags and raid them. Dog poop bags are also available in pet shops at a lower cost. Some leashes even have a built-in poop bag container. So it is only a matter of willpower to find dog poop bags.

The different models

Not all poop scoops look like those little black bags we see everywhere. Some scoops work like a clamp and allow the owner to limit waste. An alternative to the environmentally unfriendly plastic pouch model is recycled paper bags. The bags are made of cardboard to make them waterproof. To use them without getting dirty, a handle system allows the bag to be closed without coming into contact with the contents.

Can dog feces transmit diseases?

Animal feces can indeed transmit parasites that result in infections in humans. It is particularly dangerous for children, who can easily handle what is on the ground and indirectly ingest germs. In addition to the very high risk of falling, dog excrement can therefore be dangerous for young people’s health. But dogs are not responsible. It is the behavior of their owners that must change.

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