Discover the Arts of the Cinema
“This is not to suggest that the screenwriter has to be a sound engineer, cinematographer, set designer, or electrician any more than a director or leading actor, but a screenwriter must know how the various arts of cinema can be utilized to give the impression of reality on film to what was originally born in… (0 comment)

Career Fields That Can Benefit From Vocal Coaching
Singing represents more than just a method to express yourself artistically. Everyone knows that vocal coaching is an excellent method to assist singers in building a better voice. However, besides singers, did you know that there are other specific careers that can benefit from vocal training? But, first, let us take a look at some… (0 comment)

If you’re a small business owner with employees, it is necessary to know the rules relating to superannuation schemes. Let’s look at what, when and where pensions are paid to small business owners.   What Is Superannuation? The Australian Government regulates the Superannuation Guarantee (Super) and requires employers to provide an adequate level of pension. Employers… (0 comment)

Advertising Approaches to Writing Scripts
“Every successful promotional message must attract attention, arouse interest, stimulate desire, and present a compelling call for action.” – Rieck, Dean Did you know that the scriptwriter of promotional spots often draws on advertising principles? In fact, many copywriters work for advertising firms or agencies. Therefore, this article focuses on the advertising approaches adopted for… (0 comment)

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches?
Summary     – What is a cockroach?     – Why are cockroaches harmful?     – Cockroach and legislation     – How to get rid of cockroaches?     – Getting rid of cockroaches: using a pest control company The words roach and cockroach refer to the same insect, also known by the scientific name Blattodea; the… (0 comment)

The World of Screenwriting – Part 7
In the previous article, we discussed the research process involved in documentary scriptwriting. Today, we shall take a look at how a shooting script is crafted. Writing the Documentary Script The process of writing a documentary script is significantly different from writing a script for a feature film or a television show. The documentary screenwriter… (0 comment)

How to Choose Insulation Under Tiles
Contents     – Acoustic insulation under tiles     – Thermal insulation under tiles Preparing the substrate is an essential step before tiling. So why not take advantage of this to insulate or re-insulate under the tiles? Tile has no insulating properties in its natural state, so other materials must be added to insulate a tiled… (0 comment)